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Woman in white prostetic bra from Abecita

Prosthetic bras with pockets

A prosthesis bra has pockets with space for breast prosthesis or other inserts. The models are soft-bras and are made of durable material with extra reinforcement that provides a good support. We also have bras with more cover both in front and in the back, as well as wider shoulder straps for better support and comfort. For example, our prosthesis bras are suitable for those who have undergone a breast surgery and need a bra for breast prosthesis.

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Jenny Soft bra/ Prosthetic bra, Black/Gold
Jenny Soft bra/Prosthetic bra, Black/Gold...
499 kr
Agnes Soft bra, Pink
Agnes Soft bra padded, Pink...
279 kr (399 kr)
Agnes Soft bra, Honey
Agnes Soft bra padded, Honey...
399 kr
Agnes Soft bra, White
Agnes Soft bra, White...
399 kr
Agnes Soft bra, Black
Agnes Soft bra, Black...
399 kr
Agnes soft prosthetic bra, Rose
Popular padded soft bra wth pockets for breast prosthesis...
399 kr
Jenny Soft bra/Prosthetic bra, Vanilla
Jenny Soft bra/Prosthetic bra, Vanilla...
499 kr
Lily Soft-Bra, Vanilla
Prosthetic Soft-Bra...
599 kr
Sheer Padded Soft bra, Misty blue
Soft, beautiful lace...
499 kr
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