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Woman in white sports bra Dynamic from Abecita

Sports bras with good support.

Our sports bras are designed for both high and low intensity training and provide you with good support and comfort throughout your active time. Abecitas sports bras are made of a material that breathes and absorbs moisture from the body. We also have several sports bras in larger sizes for you with a bigger bust. These sports bras are designed as a regular bra to provide extra support and handle high-intensity training. For you with a smaller bust we offer seamless sports bras in several beautiful colors. We recommend Kimberly and Spacer Sport Malena, both which were rated best in test at Aftonbladets Wellness/Friskispressen.

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Spacer sport, Coral
499 kr
Spacer Sport-Bra, Blue
Extreme Support, B-G Cup
499 kr
Kimberly Soft Sports bra, Orange
High Support, B-G Cup
499 kr
Dynamic - Extrem Support, White/Grey
Extreme Support B-G Cup
599 kr
Dynamic - Extrem Support, Black/Grey
Extreme Support B-G Cup
599 kr
Mama Sport Maternity-Bra, Black
Sport Maternity-Bra
499 kr
Spacer Sport bra , Spacer, Black/ Peach
Malena Sports Bra
499 kr
Kimberly Soft sports bra, White
High Support, B-G Cup White
499 kr
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