Swimwear with prostheticpocket - Swimwear
Kvinna i blå bikini-bh med protesficka från Abecita

Bikinis and swimsuits with prosthetic pockets

Abecita offers you a wide range of swimwear to meet the needs of every woman. In this category we offer prosthetic swimwear that are specially designed and suitable for women who have undergone breast surgery. Here you will find both bikinis and swimsuits with discreet prosthetic pockets that accommodate breast prostheses or other inserts. But the models are equally suitable for women who have not undergone any breast surgery.
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Capri twisted soft bra, Navy
Bikini bra with prothesis pocket...
549 kr
Hawaii Kanters swimsuit, Navy
Kanters swimsuit with sewn cups and prosthetic pocket...
699 kr
Capri Kanters swimsuit, Navy
Chlorine proof swimsuit made of recycled material...
649 kr
Capri Twisted Delight swimsuit, Navy
Swimsuit in recycled material...
699 kr
Wild in stripe Kanters twisted soft bra, Black/white
Twisted soft bra with prostetic pocket...
549 kr
Wild in stripe Kanters delight swimsuit, Black/white
Shaping effect and powernet...
799 kr
Wild in stripe Tankini, Black/white
Bathing top...
699 kr
Kanters Pool Swimsuit, Black
Swimsuit with high back...
599 kr
Alanya Kanters Delight bikini-bra, Navy
Alanya Kanters Delight bikini-bra, Navy...
449 kr
Alanya Kanters Delight Swimsuit, Black
Swimsuit with shaping effect...
699 kr
Alanya New Kanters Soft bra, Black
Alanya New Kanters Soft bra, Black...
499 kr
Alanya Kanters Swimsuit, Black
Swimsuit with excellent...
599 kr
Alanya Kanters Delight bikini-bra, Black
Alanya Kanters Delight bikini-bra, Black...
449 kr
Alanya Kanters Swimsuit, Navy
Swimsuit with excellent fit...
599 kr
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