Bra Guide

1. Measure your body just below the bust.
Measure your body in cm just below the bust. The measuring tape should not be loose, keep it quite tight around your body. To get the best measurement the measuring tape should lie straight around the back. If you have wire bra on you, make sure you measure under the wire, to get the correct measurement.

2. Measuring over the bust
The size of the bust should be measured where the bust is as full as possible. The measuring tape should lie straight around the back and it should be as loose as possible without falling down.

Quick Tip!
The cup doesn't fit? Keep in mind that the cup grows with the circumference. If you go upwards, you may need to reduce the size of the cup.

If a bra doesn't fit well, it won't feel good on your body. The most common mistake is to use one size too large. Try different types of bras to find which one is best for you and feel comfortable. By giving your breasts a good support with a well-fitting bra, they keep their elasticity and shape longer. A bra should sit under the bust so that it is the bottom of the bra that supports and lifts the bust. The waistline between the bra cups and the wires should be seated close to the body to provide the best support. This helps to get the best support and the best fit without the bust spilling over. The cups should embrace and lie flat against the bust. The band should lie straight around your chest. Keep in mind that the entire bra will hold your bust, not just the shoulder strap.

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