Bra wardrobe

Abecita has the bra you need for all occasions. One bra is not enough to fill a woman's needs on different occasions. We have everything from the everyday bra to the more exclusive for special occasions. Many with different features and fits. Below you will find our different models to easily find a bra that suits you and your special occasion.

Quick Tip! If you're unsure of your size, you can easily calculate your bra size with our size chart.

A bra without wires is called soft bra. The soft bra gives a natural shape to the breasts, and provides a nice support without a wire. Especially good for those who want to feel free from wires.

Bra with wires provides extra shape and support. A wire bra is good for those who have a bigger bust because the wire holds and shapes the bust, with good support. It also reduces the strain on your back.

A bra that doesn't have seams over the cup and fits well around the bust. The t-shirt bra is available with and without wires and gives a natural shape. It fits well under a tight shirt. In addition it´s extra comfortable because it doesn't have seams or creases.

A soft bra with a special pocket where you can put prostheses or other inserts. Often high cut to cover well and with good support as many prostheses are heavy.

Padded bra with light push up effect and deep neckline. Shoulder straps are removable or you can cross them. This gives you a perfect bra for clothes with special cuts.

The top is completely seamless, we also have a model in all lace. Both models are one-size and have matching panties, even those seamless or in lace. The little wonder is available in several beautiful colors, updated every season.

A nursing bra should have easy-to-handle buckles on the front so that it is easy to access the breasts. It should be tested at the earliest 6 weeks before delivery and you should put a hand inside the cup to get the correct size. It´s important to find a good fit and nice materials as the breasts are extremely sensitive during this period of breastfeeding.

A sports bra should be steady and keep the bust in place when exercising. The shoulder straps should be tight or crossed so that they do not slip during the workout. A good material that breathes and absorbs moisture is also an important function.

Forms and lifts the breast from below. The balconette bra is best used with low cut shirts and open back tops. The balconette often have wires and padding for extra steady lifting. Most models have removable shoulder straps.

Quick Tip!  Do not choose a cup to small. If the cups are small, it´s possible that the breasts pour out above the bra. Especially push-up, half-cups and balconette can give that effect.