Wash & Care


→ Sort and wash your bra's by color, it will give the best results. You will get the most gentle result is if you use a detergent for delicates and lukewarm water.

→ Rinse your bra for a few minutes. Do not scrub it clean, it damages the elasticity of the bra and shortens the life span.

→ Rinse the bra with cold water without rubbing. Do not twist your bra, it will destroy the fit of your bra.

→ A bra must be washed on average when it has been used four times.

→ If you sweat easily, we recommend that you wash it more often.

→  Always follow the laundry care indicated on the bra's label.

If you prefer to wash the bra in the machine, always put it in a laundry bag. Make sure the hooks in the back are clamped to prevent damage, on your washing machine and your bra.

Sort and wash your bra´s by color (eg white, black and color). A laundry program for fine wash is the best for your bra. Also use a laundry detergent for fine wash.

Does your bra have an accessory? Remove it from the bra before washing if possible.

→  If you follow the suggested laundry care, chances are that your bra will last longer.

→  A bra doesn't tolerate high temperatures, that makes the color fade faster and the elasticity deteriorates.

→  Never dry a bra in the dryer!

→  To keep the best fit, do not twist your bra.

The best way to dry a bra is by laying it flat on a towel with the cups facing upwards.

Do not iron your bra