Woman in a patterned swimsuit from the Abecita swimwear collection Action.
Action - Stylish swimsuit with striped pattern

Action is Abecita's best selling swimsuit with diagonal stripes in different colors. The striped pattern is both beautiful and gives a flattering effect. The swimsuits have light padded cups that provide a good support for your bust.
Action 3 swimsuit , Navy/Coral
Light padded cups & perfect fit...
349 kr (499 kr)
Action Swimsuit
Light padded cups...
499 kr
Action Swimsuit, Navy/Blue
Gives a flattering shape...
499 kr
Action Swimsuit, Black/Blue/Yellow
Gives a flattering effect...
349 kr (499 kr)
Action, Swimsuit Black/ Multi
Action, Swimsuit Black/ Multi...
349 kr (499 kr)