Kvinna i sailor bikini, randig vit och marinblå

Abecita's fine bathing collection Sailor, a sophisticated and elegant collection inspired by the sea and boating. The collection includes brand new models and recurring classics. Choose between a bikini bra with supportive cups for the bigger bust or for the smaller bust we offer a padded bandeau bikini bra.

Sailor is also available as a swimsuit and tankini (bathing top) if you prefer.

Sailor bikini panties are available as both a more covering brief in a maxi cut and as a smaller brief that you can fold up if you prefer a high waist.

Choose freely to find what suits your taste and body shape. 
Sailor New Kanters soft bra
Gives a nice shape good support
384 kr (549 kr)
Sailor Twisted Tankini
Sailor Twisted Tankini
300 kr (599 kr)
Sailor Twisted Bandeau
Halterneck bikini bra with removable shoulder straps
384 kr (549 kr)